How to Display Battery Percentage on Your Samsung a03s


Samsung A03s smart phone is in the market for those who are looking for the best deals on a mobile phone. If you want to buy a new mobile phone that can perform the basic functions, have got some advanced features like email, browse the internet, check your bank balance etc., then Samsung A03s seems to be the one that suits you. This is one of the latest generation of Smartphones from Samsung that has added some innovative features to it that are worth buying. samsung a03s

One of the most impressive features of the phone is its screen recorder. A screen recorder will help you capture all the events that are happening with your phone such as calls, meetings, video clips and even text messages without losing any data. The screen record feature of the Samsung a03s helps you record whatever you are doing with your phone. It also helps you to review and edit the video recording. With the screen record function of the Samsung a03s, you can skip Google altogether.

Samsung a03s supports two sim slots and this is what sets it apart from other Smartphones available in the market. A lot of Smartphones available in the market only support one particular sin, but not the a03s. With the ability to switch between the two sims, you can make sure that you do not miss out on any calls, SMS or calls made using your Handset when you are on a business trip.

Another amazing feature of the Samsung a03s Smart Phone is that it supports the new GSM network. Samsung has come up with a new and advanced technology called the “5G Network”. This network is expected to be the next evolution in the way we communicate and will be making telecommunication more convenient in the near future.

As far as the battery of this phone is concerned, it is worthy enough of being compared with the professional gadgets like the iPhone and iPad. It has a long talk time and it also has the ability to charge fast. This kind of battery is very popular and well liked by most users. In fact, the Samsung galaxy a03s supports the pubg bar download extension which allows you to download pubg files. This extension makes the downloading of these files very easy.

Apart from the above mentioned features, the Samsung a03s also supports the fast service mode which automatically switches off the mobile battery when the device is not used for a certain period of time. This prolongs the life of the mobile phone. So, with all these features it can be said that the Samsung a03s gives you more than what you are expecting out of an ordinary mobile phone.

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